By chef Maumau (Hell’s Kitchen).

Águas de Bacalhau,
Signature Tavern

Selo de certificação Guia Braille - Restaurantes
Águas De Bacalhau Carta

Popular, Inclusive, Top-Notch.

We call it "Tasca de Autor".

Designed by Chef Maumau (Mauricio Horsth), Águas de Bacalhau is located in the historic center of Braga, in Portugal. Fortunately very popular and distinguished with several awards and certificates, every day it welcomes lovers of gastronomy from all over the world, who come not only to enjoy a top-notch gastronomic experience, but above all to surprise the palate with the most varied cod compositions (and not only), reinterpreted and revisited by the Chef and his team. Águas de Bacalhau is an inclusive, multicultural and multilingual space, where art, flavour, knowledge and sharing are celebrated.

Restaurant Timing

Monday – Saturday

12.30 – 22.30


12.30 – 15.00



Hands On.

The only thing we're serious about is food.

At Águas de Bacalhau we believe in getting our hands dirty. For this reason, we created our delicious bread, known worldwide, which we produce here at home to serve with our famous fermented butter that delights those who visit us. We also produce our delicious ice creams, with exotic and eccentric aromas, capable of melting the hearts of the bravest. Our Buffalo Wings (chicken) or our Pica Jões (Pork) are the perfect invitation for an afternoon or evening of gatherings – until the cod (or another of our delicacies) arrives.




Come in, feel comfortable and let yourself be carried away by unique flavours.


What a Journey

Tasting Experience

An experience to "shout to the heavens"! People come from all over the world because of this!

Main Event

Main Dishes

Traditional Portuguese cuisine revisited by Chef Maumau and his team. A carnival of striking flavors (Portuguese style).


Start Smile

Just Like That. You taste it and you smile. Big Smile. You can't control it. Trust us.

The main event

Some of our Popular Dishes

No More Codfish Rice, pleasee

We cook it so many times… God!!


Deep Fried Codfish

Fried Cod with potato chips and onion


Bread Pete Codfish

A roasted cod fillet served with “açorda” made from our Homemade bread


Codfish & Cream Foam

With béchamel foam and cornbread croutons


The Cool Ones

Everybody loves it

Bread Pitt

Homemade by the Chef. 


Boat Salad

It’s green, has truffles, a cloud of grana padano and it’s roman canoe. Order and see.


Pica Jões

Pork flavoured, it smells like stied pork but it’s something else


Buffalo Wings

With Chicken, it’s smoked and has Asian Barbecue


awards and distinctions

distinguished by the best customers in the world.


By you and for you. Always.

Don’t know Águas de Bacalhau yet? Do as those who reward us and distinguish us for the excellence of our cuisine and service: come in, try it and come back often! We are waiting for you at Campo das Hortas, in the historic center of Braga, Portugal. Trust our several hundred 5-star online reviews. We have one of the best digital ratings in the country, a team of talented multilingual cooks. We are waiting for you.

Chef’s Table

a unique experience.

My name is Maurício Horsth (Maumau) and most people know me from the Portuguese TV show Hell’s Kitchen. For me, this important stage in my life was a way of celebrating a talent to which I owe my happiness. Over the years, with dedication and love I have developed and acquired new technical knowledge and explored the more scientific side of the kitchen. Today, my creations are the sum of this chaos that I like to call harmony: passion for art and flavour, knowledge, science and tradition. My table is waiting for you .


Tasting and exaltation.

Your taste buds will jump.

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that – as we say in Portugal – “the eyes also eat”. Every day I have the pleasure and honor of welcoming at my special table people from around the world who are looking for a surprising and immersive gastronomic experience. In this experience i cook in a personalized way and share the techniques, tricks and quirks that make the difference when it comes to creating a high-quality dish that stands out from the rest. With an open door, I share my creations, step-by-step, from choosing the food to preparation and cooking, composition and plating. In this experience there are no menus, there is no time! There is only empathy, symbiosis and sharing that will dictate a unique and always different tasting experience.

0 P.



Per Person

Order and Collect. 

Take the best of Águas de Bacalhau to your home and "voilà" - "gala dinner"!

Carolina Giacomelli

“If you want to try high quality cod with a touch of modernity, you’re in the right place! You have to eat and pray, until the end. Everything exceptional. It's so delicious that the portion could be bigger to prolong the pleasure of eating more. It's so worth it! ”

José Manuel Silva

"If you are close to Braga, just go!!! Now! What a twist of flavours and out of the pot experience! A melodic symphony of tasty strings, embodied as Wagner, suave as Satie, topsy-turvy as Mozart. And no, I will not tell you what we had...figure it out by yourself! Welcome to the Águas de Bacalhau Side - we have cookies done upside-down and inside-out...just dare it!"

Joel A.

"True NAVIGATORS! A wonder to discover. Astronomical. The preparation reuses everything, you can see the flavour at the table, from the soup with a wonderful flavour, to the starters, best "broken eggs" ever, Appetizers 👌🏽, already on the plate both the cod rice and the low-temperature venison (and everything else we tried) are amazing. For dessert, the pudding so typical of the city, reinvented as tasty or even tastier, and the brownie, my friends, I let you discover it🤤

Art and Knowledge 

A Talented Team

Ready to serve you.

Tina "the Grasshopper" Alvarez

The Sub Chef

Mário "Hand of the Kitchen" Augustos

The Enigmatic Dinner Room Boss

Léo "little Grasshopper" Mansur

The Cook